Im my very past I learned from a very wise man, that the miserable situation of humanity as a whole was because of a cosmic accident in ancient times by which a lot of Natural (Cosmic) Laws were trespassed and hardly valid these days.

That we, as mankind were not entitled to judge ourselves and each other, but only to bring light into this dark world. By doing this, we would be supported by our God Source, which is embedded in each of us. Depending on our own stage of consciousness and Inner Experience, our “radiation” might seem to be different, but all have, and will have same the support of Source Creator, as long as we’ll  maintain our unconditional connection.

At that time I didn’t know what might have been that Cosmic Accident, but these last decade I became aware of it. And really, one of the results of that accident left Mother Earth raped, exploited and humanity in (nearly exptinction. But as said by this wise man. we as little humans already have the support of Source Creator. So what will Mother Earth have!!!

It’s good to recognize the “civilization”, which caused so much bloodshed and grieve, therefore I created this blog.  But please, don’t fall into the trap of hatred and fear, as that is exactly the purpose of the creeps, who terrorized, manipulated and (mind)controlled humanity.

As a matter of fact, the “pure” race of them are no longer on our planet.

What remained are some “metastatic ofspring”. When we don’t feed them with our negative feelings, they will languish, and prefer to leave us.

Where Love is, there is no place for hatred, jalousy and greed. So value your own feelings and thinking.

We as children of Mother Earth will transform with her these coming years. More about this under this link:

Might sound weird for some visitors?
But for me all wars, suppression and crimes against humanity and nature of the last thousands of years are for me unacceptable and weird. I never learned to live with it all.


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