Chimeras & Hybrids: Reality of The Situation


March 2, 2015
By: Bobby Vaughn Jr.
March 1st, 2015
7:50 p.m.

The term “chimera” is not quite a household term. Why would it be? It is the product of mythology. Mysticism. Fiction. Correct? The ancient Egyptians depicted chimeric beings within carvings and paintings. But, does this mean that we should take them for only myths? No.

Since 2007, scientists have been legally creating human/animal hybrids for “research” purposes. This information comes directly from the source: the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. A 100+ page document was released explaining what exactly they plan on researching and achieving with this.

Click here to View/Download ‘HFEA Hybrids and Chimeras’ PDF

The Chair of the HFEA goes on to say, “After careful consideration of the evidence gathered through the consultation, the Authority decided that cytoplasmic hybrid research should be allowed to move forward, with caution and careful scrutiny. Research teams wishing to pursue a license for this type of research will have to demonstrate, to the satisfaction of an HFEA license committee, that their planned research project is both necessary and desirable. They must also meet the standards required by the HFEA for embryo research”.

They use an excuse for justifying their inhumanity: The creating of animal-human hybrids being a novel way to create donor organs for humans in need. The chimeras then could be cloned and used at their disposal. Where is the humanity in creating another living, breathing, feeling creature for the sole purpose of being an experiment? There is none.

The negative implications of creating chimeras are many. A person receiving a hybrid’s organ would be at a high risk of contracting infections and viruses from the type of animal that was used for the hybridization. Under these circumstances, with just one human contracting a virus of this type , the virus could then be contagious to all humans. This could create an incurable pandemic. But then again, wouldn’t the pharmaceutical companies profit largely from this?! Create an incurable disease, so you can create the so-called “magic potion” and/or “vaccine” to cure it – creating the problem and the “solution”.

Defense factions, including DARPA, would love to get their hands on this type of research.

Truly, I believe they already have. The creating of chimeras with multi-animal-genes that would perform top-notch on the battlefield, both physically and mentally, would be a top-priority black project. Creating the “Perfect Being” could be a new cold war for contracted rogue national scientists. Most of you reading this have heard the phrase Super Soldier. This has been an ongoing project within the U.S. for over half a decade. Sub-projects of the Super Soldier project do now include the hybridization of animals + humans. Think about it: The brain of a human, the arms of a guerilla, the eyes of an eagle, the nose of a hound, the legs of a cheetah, the ears of an owl and the coating of a desert horned lizard.

What other Chimeric beings dwell beneath the surface in the name of medical research?

Use your imagination and nightmares.

Who’s side are you on?


3 thoughts on “Chimeras & Hybrids: Reality of The Situation


    DARPA, THE PENTAGON’S way-out science arm, wants to make soldiers stronger, faster, and generally “kill proof.” The key, the agency believes: Getting humans to act more like animals.

    SealionpictureFor years, DARPA has been pushing to boost soldier performance. Today, at the opening of DARPATech, the agency’s bi-annual conference, program manager Michael Callahan just announced a new effort to take that research even further. He calls it “Inner Armor.”

    The project has two main thrusts. The first is to enable soldiers to work better in extremes — high altitudes, brutal heat, and undersea depths. In each of these conditions, Callahan notes, there are animals that handle these environments well. The bar-headed goose, for instance, can fly for days at Himalayan heights without taking a break. Certain microorganisms thrive in steam vents, despite the Venutian conditions. Then there’s the sea lion, which redirects blood flow and slows its heart rate, to stay underwater for hours.

    Callahan wants soldiers to pull off some of the same tricks. He’d like to increase oxygen flow to Navy divers by 30 to 40 percent. But instead of just giving ‘em more O2, Callahan would like to “do what a sea lion does – redirect oxygen demand.” Similarly, sea lions have a particularly strong “dive reflex” — an ability to slow their heart rates and steer blood flow towards their cores. Callahan would like to see a “push-button dive reflex,” so military divers can do the same, automatically.

    Callahan’s second make thrust is to make soldiers, in his words, “kill proof.” Chemical and radiological dumps sites, he notes, are actually “teeming with life” — filled with organisms that resist what’s toxic to most. Callahan wants to “mimic” that, by creating a set of “synthetic vitamins” that “forestal the onset of chemical and radiation” poisoning.

    But that’s the easy part. The military today only protects against “7 of 44 highly dangerous pathogens.” Callahan wants to be better that ratio, through “pre-position[ed] universal immune cells” that protect against all kinds of diseases, not just one. He also wants his researchers to figure out “predic[t] pathogen evolution” to “preempt pathogens’ emergence with preventive vaccine.” If they can pull that off, Callahan figures he can develop “3 million doses of any vaccine or therapeutic in 12 weeks, at just pennies a dose.” And he thinks he can do it, with no animal testing. We do have so much to learn from the critters, after all.


  2. DARPA Continues Human Experiments to Create Military Super Soldiers

    Susanne Posel
    Occupy Corporatism
    September 25, 2012

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has a $2 billion yearly budget for research into creating a super solider as well as developing a synthetic police force. Working with the human genome, DARPA hopes to manipulate certain gene expressions. In experimentation, DARPA and the military industrial pharmaceutical complex are using natural abilities that are enhanced through genetic engineering.

    Some of the medical feats DARPA would like to enhance are the ability of military soldiers to regrow limbs destroyed in battle.

    By eliminating empathy, the Department of Defense (DoD) hopes to “enhance” a soldier’s ability to “kill without care or remorse, shows no fear, can fight battle after battle without fatigue and generally behave more like a machine than a man.”

    Scientists are researching the construction of soldiers that feel no pain, terror and do not suffer from fatigue as tests on the wiring of the human brain are furthered by Jonathan Moreno, professor of bioethics at Pennsylvania State University. Moreno is working with the DoD in understanding neuroscience. The Pentagon allocated $400 million to this research.

    Further study could be passed onto the general public in order to maximize profits as well as enhance the drug’s effectiveness. According to Joel Garreau, professor at Arizona University, DARPA is learning how to genetically modify human fat into pure energy by rewiring the metabolic switch which would create soldiers that require less food. By using gene therapy and combining enhancements to alter the color of the human eye is a blending of mutations that have no basis in the natural world.

    In 2011, the British Academy of Medical Sciences published a paper explaining the necessity for “new rules to avoid ethical missteps.” Specifying the injection of human brain cells into animals that may give animals human memories or thought consciousness as the goal should be dealt with differently than a non-modified animal.

    Human embryos can strengthen or deteriorate the animal test subject which prompted Senator Sam Brownback to push the Human Chimera Prohibition Act of 2005. Brownback expressed need for prevention of closed-door experiments that “blur the lines between human and animal, male and female, parent and child, and one individual and another individual.” The ethical aspect could be defined by two mandates of consideration:

    1. They could target the hypothetical scientists creating monsters in petri dishes.
    2. They could take a close look at the science that’s really happening in labs around the world.

    In addition to genetically modifying the human genome, global Elite are obsessed with the merging man and machine, transhumanism and immortality. Basing advancements on scientific research, the 2045 Program will create “a new vision of human development that meets global challenges humanity faces today, realization of the possibility of a radical extension of human life by means of cybernetic technology, as well as the formation of a new culture associated with these technologies.”

    The globalists at the 2045 Program assert that humanity “is in need of a new evolutionary strategy” consisting of a balance between the complexity of technological advances and the accelerati
    on of informational processes to expand the “limited, primitive human” into a “highly self-organized” and technologically “higher intelligence”.

    The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) published a document entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses in 2000 which frameworks a strategy for American hegemony in the near future, identifying “problem areas” of the world and advising regime change of unfavorable governments so that in the end the nations of the world will be unified under the banner of American democracy.

    The revelation of former US President George Bush’s “axis of evil” defined American policy under the guidelines of the PNAC with the identification of Iran, Iraq and North Korea which is literally mentioned in the PNAC as governments that require a regime change.

    In the PNAC, the globalists have described the use of scientific enhancement and clinical trials turning the US armed forces into gueinia pigs for the advancement of a super solider.

    While Roger Pitman , professor of psychiatry at Harvard University is experimenting with propranolol which is a beta blocker that is believed to erase “terrifying memories”, soldiers are subjected to more research while serving to alleviate the psychological effects of war. Moreno explains: “The problem is: what else are they blocking when they do this? Do we want a generation of veterans who return without guilt?”

    Allan Snyder, professor of neuroscience in Australia, has been working to understand how transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) can effect higher mental processing with the use of magnetic fields to promote unfettered reasoning.

    The US Academy of Sciences reported in 2009 that they expected to be successful in using TMS against soldiers to “enhance [their] fighting capabilities.” Moreno reveals that TMS helmets could be used in battlefields to expand a soldier’s technical expertise and become a more proficient marksman and master electronics used in training exercises.


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