War Against Humanity / Vulture Capitalism

Oorlog Is Een Misdaad

Bron: http://www.hermes-press.com/vulture.htm

The Wall Street-Treasury Complex as
Counterpart to the Military-Industrial Complex
By Norman D. Livergood

A vulture capitalist

Capitalism is based on the private ownership of the means of production–the farms, factories and service industries. Capitalists make profits on their investments, instead of selling their labor power like the working class. The United States at present is primarily a capitalist economy, though some means of production are publicly owned.

Vulture Capitalist

A nation with a capitalist economy can, under the proper leadership, facilitate democratic freedoms and create a high standard of living. However, with the kind of leadership the U.S. has suffered under for several decades, capitalism becomes a tyranny in which the moneyed class loots the nation, while the working class suffers lower wages, higher prices, decreased constitutional liberties, and chronic unemployment. This latter kind of exploitative economy is most accurately called “vulture capitalism,” and we are seeing it now in…

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