The Alien and New World Order Agenda We Can Defeat Them With Aether Energy Orgone Blasters™!!

Positive Orgone Energy is Toxic to Aliens….

In Rev 12 the ‘stars’ will fall to the earth…and indeed they are…

in the Bible Codes I see a ‘universal uproar, pandemic, panic’ because of all their ships and UFOs exploding and crashing everywhere…good job Warriors…

200 To 300 Fireballs Reported Across 30 States in just 2 days…



                Fire in the Sky  News  /  ANOTHER  Major  Event  in  Midwest  USA!

Worldwide Alien Invasion Caught on Tape


There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of videos and articles of “meteors” and “flashes of light” across the sky almost daily…Since I started this Orgone War 10 years ago as the RESISTANCE we’ve been crashing and destroying the alien presence above and below us…get busy folks! Join the RESISTANCE and become an Orgone Warrior!

Read Much More…..



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